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Who we are?

  • MenRocks Pvt Ltd, an apparel manufacturing company established in 2016, with a strong passion for fashion and a commitment to excellence. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to delivering exceptional Quality clothing products to our customers.
  • With 4 manufacturing units and 1 corporate office located in Ludhiana, we are able to maintain an in-house manufacturing facility. We possess the ability to craft cutting-edge clothing designs for men, women, and kids while ensuring rigorous quality checks before it reaches our valued customers.
  • Through our steadfast adherence, we have achieved an impressive annual growth rate of 100%. In the fiscal year 2018-19, our turnover reached ₹10Cr, and we have since surged to ₹75 Cr and progressively approaching the ₹100 Cr mark.
  • We believe in employing the finest manufacturing processes and technology that can deliver exceptional quality and obtain customer satisfaction successfully.

Our Mission

We aim to dedicate all our efforts and apply advanced technologies to enhance customer experience by prioritizing product quality and excellent craftsmanship.

Platform for brands to turn concepts into reality
Foster creativity and growth within the fashion industry
Efficient Manufacturing process with advanced technology
Comprehensive Assistance to clients with their requirements

our vision

We aim to become the leading apparel company working with diverse products, services, and operations to become a successful fashion brand on a global scale.

  • People

    Strive to create an exceptional working environment that enables our employees to unleash their full potential.
  • Clients

    Surpass expectations and provide unparalleled support to our clients.
  • Products

    Dedicatedly craft products that not only meet but exceed the quality standards.
  • Partners

    Actively cultivate a network of strategic partners, fostering mutual loyalty and collaboration.
  • Social

    Maintenance of fair wages and upholding a safe working environment for an equitable and sustainable industry
  • Ethics

    Committed to integrity while safeguarding the intellectual property of our clients

our history

A Journey of Fashion Excellence from an unborn seed

  • MenRocks, a prominent apparel company today started with a very basic infrastructure. This remarkable journey began in the year 2016. Mansimran Singh, the co-founder of this establishment had a vision to revolutionize the fashion industry. The company was set out with the aim to create a brand that would capture the hearts and minds of fashion enthusiasts.
  • From the initial stage, the company incorporated advanced techniques and technologies that helped to climb the stairs of success while maintaining quality and sustainability. What started as a humble endeavor quickly blossomed into a thriving enterprise reaching to Rs 100 cr turnover.
  • Apart from the manufacturing unit, MenRocks has successfully built its own brand ‘Eyebogler’. From its early days, the focus was on crafting unique and innovative designs that resonated with evolving fashion trends.
  • Through meticulous craftsmanship and dedication to quality, Eyebogler established itself as a brand in the fashion market which became synonymous with style and sophistication. Driven by a passion for fashion we successfully established an e-commerce website ‘Hiscraves’ that has the company's diverse range of clothing and accessories. As a social responsibility, Mansimran Singh started the IT company SeekEx Technologies which aims to guide the youth in their career path. MenRocks Strives to create an experience that is both captivating and transformative, cementing its position as a leading apparel manufacturer in the world of fashion.

Our founders

Our founder

Mr. Mansimran Singh, an IITian, is the visionary founder of Menrocks Private Limited. With a passion for innovation and excellence, he has been the key player in the company’s journey from its inception to creating unparalleled quality apparel. He played a key role in keeping the foundation and developing an excellent manufacturing industry. Under his leadership,Menrocks has grown towards remarkable success and expansion in these years. His commitment and dedication to achieving excellence have been instrumental in positioning MenRocks as a leading company in the apparel manufacturing industry.

mr. mansimran singh founder



Ms. Ekjot Kaur, the co-founder of Menrocks Private Limited, adds a wealth of expertise in operations and strategic planning to the company. Her dedication to excellence and attention to detail have played an important role in shaping Menrocks’ operation efficiency. Her collaborative leadership quality has generated a culture of teamwork within the organization, driving it towards growth and success. Her keen commitment towards customer satisfaction has enabled the company to maintain its quality and style and it continues to reach new heights of success.

Ms. Ekjot Kaur co-founder


We have the quest to be the No. 1 garment manufacturing organization by applying the latest technology in the business operations.




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